Work with the Foundation and improve the well-being of LGBTI people. If you have some spare time and are interested in volunteering with the Foundation, please get in touch with us.


“At first, I came to listen to a panel discussion. Then one day I asked if I could help out in some way. I now visit with Albert one weekend a month and go with him to the doctor as needed.”

Getting involved as a volunteer:

Social support volunteer

The support provided takes various specific forms:

  • Making occasional telephone calls.

  • Visiting people in their homes.

  • Accompanying people to hospitals and for other procedures.

  • Accompanying people to community/cultural events.

At the Foundation, our support services also encompass initiatives designed to facilitate more active social lives and relationships, as well as fostering a healthy aging process.

Volunteers who provide information and raise awareness

Proposing/organizing activities aimed at raising awareness of the risks facing LGBTI people in vulnerable situations.

  • Staffing the Foundation’s information booths at various events (as applicable).

  • Requesting Foundation-related materials for use in booths operated by affiliated organizations.

Administrative volunteers

  • Putting your time and knowledge to good use: the Foundation has many different administrative tasks that require volunteers.
  • Playing an active role in the Foundation’s projects by donating your time.