We are here to answer any questions you may have. We provide individual advice, along with emotional and material support. We also provide a safe space, free of LGBTI-phobia, for LGBTI people facing issues of dependency, vulnerability or exclusion.

We provide care, advice and support
We provide care, advice and support

Our Care, Advice and Support programme (in Catalan, Acollida, Assessorament i Acompanyament) is designed to ensure that the public social services system accommodates LGBTI people who might otherwise not have access to it.

In addition, the Foundation receives many information requests from social work professionals.

Suport services

We are aware that LGBTI people often have to deal with difficult challenges on their own. For that reason, we offer guidance and support services by social workers, psicologistis and eduators.

We try to address the consequences of loneliness (e.g. by calling up people to chat, visiting them in their homes and/or offering occasional assistance, such as when people are waiting for medical results, etc.). This facilitates our contacts with LGBTI people across different age groups.

Legal advice

We also count on the support of legal professionals on staff to guide people LGBTI people seeking legal advice.


Our programme specifically includes the provision of care, advice and assistance to transgender people.

Apoyo. Asesoramiento. Acompañamiento
Our friend Pere
Pere (In the foto) is diabetic and has to take a dose of insulin every day. In addition, he has mobility-related issues. He was advised to get in touch with the Foundation but doubted it would do any good. “A social worker came to see me. Now I consider myself a member of the Foundation,” he explained. And there are lots more stories where that came from!