What we do?

We strive to defend the dignity of all individuals, particularly older people, and to ensure that they are not subject to discriminatory treatment due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Find information, support and resources

The Enllaç Foundation was created for the purpose of supporting LGBTI people who find themselves in permanent or temporary situations of vulnerability, dependency or disability, regardless of cause (e.g. age-related decline, illness, disconnectedness or discrimination).

Providing care, advice and support

We want older LGBTI people to know that if they ever find themselves in a situation of vulnerability or dependency, we will be there for them so they never have to feel alone again.

Promoting personal autonomy

We also provide people with the necessary tools so they can decide how they would like to live their lives and how they would like to be treated if they are ever unable to defend themselves.”

Training and education

Among our key concerns, we are focused on the quality of services provided to seniors. We offer the necessary training so professionals can get to know LGBTI people and gain a clearer understanding of the lives they lead.