Enllaç Foundation

We strives to care and protect the dignity of older LGBTI people.

Fundació Enllaç: your other house.
Fundació Enllaç: your other house.

Legally established on March 12, 2008, the Enllaç Foundation came into being thanks to the altruistic donations of a group of 25 founders, all with longstanding links to the LGBTI movement.

Enllaç Fundation strives to care and protect the dignity of elder LGBTI people.

We also stand up for LGBTI rights so we never have to deny our own sexual orientation, identity or gender expression, particularly when we are at our most vulnerable.

We comprise a network that stands in solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community; LGBTI people constitute our driving force.

It has to do with you

Vídeo adds: “It has to do with you”
Ignasi Pujades
Ignasi Pujades, president of the Enllaç Fundation
The Fundació Enllaç ("Link Foundation") serves as the guarantee that “if one day I find myself in a situation of dependency, I know I’ll have access to a whole group of supportive people,” said Ignasi Pujades, President of the Foundation, in an interview with the LGBTI web channel IDEM TV. During the interview, Pujades explained that the Foundation came into existence as part of the natural evolution of the gay and lesbian rights movement. Among other topics, he touched on the high-priority programmes and services currently offered by the Foundation.